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Your Community Guide to Newmarket, Aurora and Surrounding Areas.
Established in 1993 with over 52,000
copies distributed to homes & businesses every month!

TMA March 2020




Since 1993, The Month Ahead has become a large part of York Region. This community affairs monthly publication is well received due to the content and convenient format. In fact, many readers wait anxiously for the next magazine to arrive in their mailbox during the first week of every month. To our readers, it is a valuable guide to good living in Newmarket, Aurora and surrounding areas. The Month Ahead encourages families and businesses to participate more fully in the social and leisure life of their town.

Advertising in the Month Ahead guarantees increased visibility for your business in the community.  This exposure maximizes your advertising dollar. Business owners know that advertising results can transpire to be money well spent or invested. The Month Ahead has proven to be a sound investment for businesses.

The Month Ahead consists of a controlled circulation of over 52,000 copies each month, eleven times a year, distributed to households and businesses in  Newmarket, Aurora and surrounding areas. Distribution is handled through Canada Post therefore people do not have to pay or pick up their copies.

Your advertising dollars do not need to suffer from the “Blue Box Blues”. Numerous advertisers agree that The Month Ahead is a quality magazine that has a life span of two to three weeks if not more before it is thrown into the recycle box. This increases advertising results. As Brenda Glashan, Director of Admissions at Aurora Montessori School says, “It has proven to be a great way to reach the public. Response is great!”

Publishing since 1993

The Month Ahead also features all customers ONLINE with our website.  We include hyperlinks to instantly connect users directly to our customers websites or emails!

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TMA March 2020



When considering your Advertising budget, we hope you will take into account the following:

  • The Month Ahead Magazine has been in business for over 25 years and prides itself on being an ethical business partner that grows and keeps its clientele by always delivering what was promised and exceeding expectations.

  • We have NEVER increased our rates in the past 5 years, even though our printer and Canada Post have raised theirs.

  • We don't lock you in a contract. You can advertise at any time and still get the best rate.

  • Our front covers have a waiting list and are sold out well in advance.

  • Our distribution is very targeted to get you the best exposure for your business. We want to ensure you are reaching the right customers within your area and that you are not wasting your advertising dollars by having your ads in places where you will not get much response.

  • We are delivered via Canada Post and not tossed onto driveways and front door entrances where the magazine would be damaged by traffic and weather.

  • We are reliable and on-time. Our issues arrive in a reader's mailbox by the 1st of the month or earlier.

  • Your ads are also found on a digital copy on our website. This gives you further exposure to a wider audience. With our newly designed website, your customers will have more access points to reach you! The Month Ahead stays in homes and businesses longer because our readers enjoy our unbiased, well-researched articles and columns like Senior Beat, Youth Beat,This Month in History, Recipes, Crafts, Fun for Kids, Info Pages, Wine and Dine, AtTheTheatre and Contests.

  • We use high quality paper and have a minimum of 36 pages, all professionally designed with consistent format and content. Our ads and content are proofread to eliminate mistakes before going to press

  • We include hyperlinks to instantly connect users directly to our customers websites or emails!


With these points in mind, we hope you’ll get a sense that we really do care about our magazine and developing relationships with our clients. We thank you for considering The Month Ahead for your advertising requirements.

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Let us bring your advertising to the community. Your message will have a greater impact, a better response rate, and a longer shelf-life when you advertise in The Month Ahead!













The Month Ahead has been in business for over 25 years! This is what our advertisers are saying about us ...

I would like to share my true story with those who are looking for great rate of return for their hard earned money when they want to spend on marketing.

We are a dental professional group who opened our second location here in Newmarket community and like any other new business founder, we were doubtful to choose the right channel for advertising. When I picked up The Month Ahead magazine from our mailbox, I liked the art work and layout. I spoke to Hazel and got some stat numbers from her which you can get from any publisher or distributor these days, however, it only took us one week to realize how true those numbers were. 

We are so pleased with the results of the advertising in this magazine and we will continue to do so in the future.

Throughout the design, publish and distribution of our ad, we felt we are dealing with a group of professionals who are very patinate about what they do  and they treated us like a client who they know for many years.

If you are a local business owner who wants to be heard I strongly recommend to try The Month Ahead in their earliest possible edition, You won't regret.

 Mehdi Yousefi

Leslie North Dental

"The Month Ahead Magazine has greatly helped me build my business and gain excellent customers. Hazel and her staff are so helpful, kind, professional, and supportive.  The quality of service and advertisements are second to none.  I would recommend The Month Ahead advertising to any business owner looking to start a business or an established business that needs more customers. Thanks Hazel and The Month Ahead!"

Christine Ryckman

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Newmarket Osteopathy

The Month Ahead has proven invaluable at providing us with qualified prospects to our brand new building.  Many clients will simply say they ‘read about us’ or ‘saw something somewhere’.  The clients that read The Month Ahead specifically refer to the “great article I read about you in The Month Ahead” or have commented on “Seeing us on the cover of The Month Ahead”.

Working with Hazel is a pleasure and we will continue to include The Month Ahead in our overall advertising plan.

Shelley Snoulten

Sales & Marketing Manager | Verve

"We have been advertising regularly with the Month Ahead for the past eight years. We can confidently say it is one of the greatest community publications we had come across. The stories are inclusive to young generation as well as to the senior population, the local events, and the local advertisers. From our experience with our clients who read the Month Ahead, they enjoy the sense of community with this publication.

The Gliding Shelf Solutions Team. "

 Marianna Keselman, Gliding Shelf Solutions

“I have been advertising with The Month Ahead for over 13 years and am very happy with the quality

of my ad and their service.”

Alina Fainshtein, Owner Denture Clinic

"Although online advertising is a must nowadays – it is only part of the puzzle -

we consider The Month Ahead a vital part of our visual presence in the

community. The staff is always professional and pleasant to work with!" 
Katherine Skilton, Pay Less Kitchens Inc,




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The Month Ahead

187 Main Street South, Unit 202, 
Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 3Y9



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